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Zero to One envisions how entrepreneurs can start from nothing and grow to something. The next Billionaire entrepreneur will not come from creating facebook, google, apple or Instagram. If you are copying these ideas you are on a wild goose chase. The next visionaries need to create something new, something that does not exist yet. It is hard to develop new things and come up with new ideas. 

Leaps in Technology are enabling more new ideas and companies to be created. Horizontal progress relies on copying things that work and not much progress can be made using this model. Vertical Progress is harder to imagine since something new has to be created. This progress enables exponential growth for entrepreneurs.

Below is a Summary of Lessons on the Book;

  1. The biggest leaps will be vertical, not horizontal.
  2. Monopolies are good, for both business and society.
  3. Founders need the vision to take their business from zero to one

In Progress….

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