The E-Commerce Kenya Conference is the leading market place and online retail show for Kenya’s online retail community who are hungry for innovative solutions. This is a platform for retail innovators and disruptors to bring together an impressive array of industry leaders and influencers to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

This is the only forum where C-level delegates will engage with and interact with SME players in the e-commerce space who are at the take-off off point and just need a catalyst to hit the high notes. These delegates run and own organizations that will be tomorrow’s e-commerce champions.

Speakers will be covering a wide range of topics, which means there’s really something for everyone to discover.

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Retailers have to innovate fast or die. With so much constant change, Kenyan retailers have urgently revealed the need source solutions to build and grow their online stores. Customer demand for convenience and need for new revenue streams are driving this change.

Delegates will be attending this conference to source the latest innovative e-commerce solutions that advance the move towards a faster and more efficient development of Kenya’s fast-growing on -retail sector.

The conference programme has been carefully put together so that it provides the ideal platform to gain the latest industry knowledge and unique access to solutions that focus on each core area of e-commerce, which in turn assists in advancing the industry with the latest technology. Premium attention will be paid to SME entrepreneurs and players who need specific support to hit the high notes.
The conference raison d’être is to look into the future of e-commerce through shared knowledge, peer-to-peer conversations, and engaging networking spaces. Delegates will evaluate new technologies, compare new products, make buying decisions, engage with world-class solution providers and establish partnerships.


•Access first-hand market intelligence on Kenya’s E-Commerce prospects from experts and key players
• Participate in structured open discussions with senior members of the Kenyan government
• Engage with C-level executives of players in the E-Commerce space
• Identify E-Commerce opportunities, challenges, and solutions
• Learn how to effectively tap the growing consumer market
• Understand the legal and regulatory frameworks in the region
• Engage with entrepreneurs and investors with a strong appetite for E-Commerce

Delegates benefits

• How to deliver a great online customer experience
• How to protect your consumers’ data and privacy
• How to ensure secured online payment for shoppers
• How to develop an attractive and efficient ecommerce site
• How to plan an integrated marketing campaign
• How to effectively use online marketing channels to drive sales
• How to attract and convert web traffic into loyal customers

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