Fasting and Prayer by Victor Botto

As a Believer Jesus instructed us on Fasting and Prayer. Prayer is quite self-explanatory. Fasting is the hard part of our walk with God. Why is fasting important? How should we fast? What power does fasting release in your life? Fasting is not optional as a Christian it is mandatory ( Matthew 6:16-18 “When you fast,abstinence or reduction of some or all fooddrink, or both, for a period of time. 

Types of Fast

There are many types of Fasts out there on the internet but I will limit my article to the below;

  1. Daniel fast – 21 days on fruits and vegetables.
  2. Esther fast – 3 days dry fast no food but you can drink water.
  3. Jesus fast – 40 days. (You need special anointing for this one).
  4. Joshua fast? (or who was it that said they would eat nothing even a drop of honey till sunset until when the battle was over)- 6am to 6pm dry fast.


In Progress……………..

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