One of my best reads of 2020. Learn how one of the Largest Commerce and Technology disruptors was built by Jeff Bezos two decades ago. He is now the world’s richest man with a Net Worth of over $120 Billion.

Amazon surpassed a market capitalization of $500 Billion years back. They are investing in e-commerce, retail, wholesale, devices, cloud computing, streaming, artificial intelligence, robotics and more.

Some of the lessons learned;
⭕ GRIT is a great recipe for success
⭕ Be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your lofty dreams
⭕ Be willing to walk alone
⭕ Challenge the status quo
⭕ Hire the best and get the best out of them
⭕ Be Flexible to change your business model
⭕ Make Bold bets
⭕ Invent and be Creative
⭕ Be obsessed with giving your customers the best
⭕ Keep weaving and growing
⭕ Do not settle

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